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Sam Peake

Sam’s way with people creates a dedicated team. 

March 28, 2016
Sam Peake, Project Manager at F.H. Perry Builder, in Hopkinton, Mass., 2016 Professional Remodeler 40 Under 40 awardee

Project Manager

F.H. Perry Builder, Hopkinton, Mass. 

Age 34

2015 Revenue: $20 million

Best practice: Whether it’s soothing an upset homeowner or working with a subcontractor to redo a failed task, Sam’s compassion and ability to motivate others shines through in every one of his interactions. Rather than get right to the job at hand, he always takes the time to find out how someone is doing. If it’s a homeowner, he may inquire if they’re feeling OK about the disruption or see if the dust is bothering them. With the trades, he’ll ask about their family or a personal interest. The questions come from genuine concern on Sam’s part, yet they greatly help build rapport. These relationships have proven to be useful again and again if problems arise. 

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