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metal roofing in remodeling is becoming a huge trend

Homeowners are choosing longevity over price when then replace their roofs with steel, aluminum, or copper tiles and panels. 

All pieces are created via the proprietary SmartGuard process for strength and resistance to decay and termites, and are backed by a 5- or 50-year transferable limited warranty.

Vinyl Siding Institute offers free copy of the 2014 Edition of Insulated Siding as Home Insulation: Guide for Users and Energy Raters at

All InSpire Roofing has Class A fire resistance and features Class 4 impact/hail resistance and a 110-mph wind uplift rating.

It is easily maintained with soap and water and is easy to glue, route, and mold using wood-trim tools.

GAF executed a nine-month campaign to build awareness of the brand among consumers on Facebook.

The siding is tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 180 miles per hour and is virtually maintenance-free, never requiring painting.

Manufacturers and customers alike are also realizing that efficiency comes from the roofing system as a whole, not just the shingles.

Emphasis on the roofing system as a whole leads to new aesthetics and performance developments.

The Greensboro location will serve all of North Carolina, most of South Carolina and southeastern Virginia.

Installation is easier thanks to cut edges that do not require caulking or sealing.

Foam panel-backing levels out the wall beneath, smoothing out the finish.

Foundry boasts a 170-mph wind load and Class A fire resistance.

Sixteen new colors are now available for all lines of the WeatherBoard collection from CertainTeed, which includes fiber cement, polymer, and vinyl siding products.

Each beadboard—in a primed white finish—is 70 percent recycled content, with high resistance to rotting, splitting, and termites.

As part of the program, contractors will also be assigned a dedicated team at Angie's List who are available to answer questions and provide updates on program details, account status, local market metrics, best practices and local advertising opportunities.

“It’s changing now, in the past, there was zero education on housewraps,” says B

“It’s changing now, in the past, there was zero education on housewraps,” says Brian Kirn, marketing manager for CertainTeed.

Advancements in weather-resistant barriers keep things tight yet ventilated to save energy.

Progressive Foam Technologies introduced two collections of siding insulation: the Fullback FC Premium Series and H2O Premium Series.

The LP SmartSide CarraraFinishes System consists of a stucco finish applied directly to LP SmartSide panel siding.

This system combines the full complement of Owens Corning roofing components and layers into one collection for maximum roof performance and durability.

Featuring integrated photovoltaic panels, the Apollo II solar roofing system from CertainTeed combines greater energy efficiency and improved aesthetics with easier wiring installation.

Mixing and matching siding materials and styles has become a popular way for hom

Mixing and matching siding materials and styles has become a popular way for homeowners to personalize their houses.

The top 8 reasons why homeowners are selecting siding to reflect their lifestyle.

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