Roofing & Siding

A trim that creates less wasted time and materials

El Nino is set to bring heavy rains and work for California roofers

The phones are ringing again at California’s 6,000 or so roofing companies, as weather systems launched by El Nino are set to drench the Golden State

Young homeowners

Millennials love vinyl—if you’re talking about vinyl records. Vinyl siding? Not so much

PPG fan deck for selecting exterior home colors

There’s a method to selecting exterior colors that dazzle

CertainTeed's MainStreet vinyl siding shows how far vinyl as a siding material has come.


Popular with homeowners: CertainTeed's MainStreet vinyl siding is one example of how far the siding material has come.

Affordability, durability, and low maintenance see vinyl continuing to be the siding material the market favors

roof storm damage trees fallen

Insurance work is a hefty source of revenue for some roofing companies; it’s also fertile ground for scammers

Just because OSHA inspectors aren’t on duty, it doesn’t mean cheating contractors can get away with anything

Millennial homeowners looking happy in bright kitchen

Millennial homeowners are relatively few and far between for the moment. But they want to be sold on their terms

Close-up photo of asphalt shingle roof repair

Some roofing companies call attention on their websites to what can go wrong in a re-roofing job. The clear implication is that they don’t intend to make those mistakes.

Roofer installs asphalt shingles on residential roof

Some roofing companies are reconsidering the terms of their workmanship warranty

Men on residential roof remove asphalt shingles.


What do roofers do with all their asphalt shingle tear-off if the landfill closes?

Worker hangs vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding may be losing market share to fiber-cement options, but efforts are being made to change that 


Is it worth the time and trouble to hold a pre-construction meeting on small jobs? You bet. Here's why.

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