Roofing & Siding

metal roofing in remodeling is becoming a huge trend

Homeowners are choosing longevity over price when they replace their roofs with steel, aluminum, or copper tiles and panels

The best new products of 2010, presented by Professional Remodeler and Professional Builder.

The mix-and-match approach to home siding is still popular, and manufacturers are
offering new ways to meet consumer demand

Homeowners are continuing to invest in the exteriors of their homes and many remodelers are doing pricier exterior projects than they were a year ago, according to the latest Professional Remodeler research.

Alside has introduced seven new dark colors for its Prodigy Next Generation Insulated Siding line to give builders a selling advantage.

Rollex has expanded its aluminum color palette to offer cost, performance and easy installation options.

The Easy Fit Savannah Ledge is the newest texture to join Owens Corning's ProStone line of products.

Innovative new products for the remodeling and building industries

The annual Best In Class Survey conducted by the research staff of Professional Remodeler magazine shows how the industry's leading manufacturers carve up the market.

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