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Pro's Picks: UDA ConstructionSuite Residential

Customer service is what sets this CRM apart 

May 21, 2019

Matt Brewer

Co-owner & Construction Manager, M.R. Brewer

Portland, Maine




I came to residential remodeling and construction from the commercial side, and one of the first things I set about doing was finding software that helps us communicate and run the business efficiently while allowing us to dedicate our time and energy to the clients and projects. 

I struggled to find something scalable for residential work that was also easy to use, navigate, and understand. Most of my team members had little to no computer experience, and I wanted to be respectful of that while still bringing the benefits of this kind of tech to the company. UDA ConstructionSuite Residential delivered all of that, along with some of the best customer service I’ve encountered on either the residential or commercial side. 

There are so many options now for project management and estimating software, all of which have similar capabilities and perks that you already know. It can be hard to decide which one is best for you. The customer service is what did it drew us to and kept us using UDA ConstructionSuite. 

I’ve noticed little things in the software from time to time that need addressing, but all it takes is a call to tech support, and there’s almost always a fix in the next software update. If not, they communicate why, and are always highly responsive. Other software companies we work with sometimes take a day to respond, and we can’t afford that kind of lag time. Getting all the collaborative and organizational benefits of the software with outstanding customer service makes a world of a difference.

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