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Pro's Picks: RWD Extender Trim

A trim that creates less wasted time and materials

April 23, 2019

Chelsea Caspersen

Vice President, A. Caspersen Company

Akron, Ohio

Every window replacement job requires finish trim to make it look like the window fits perfectly and is original to the home. Finish trim we’ve used before comes in 12-foot sticks that, once we cut them down to the size we needed, made for a lot of waste. Since we install over 3,000 windows per year, we needed a product that created less wasted time and materials. RWD’s extender trim was our answer.

This vinyl extender trim comes in 200-foot rolls, so you can cut the exact length needed and not waste any product. We get 400 feet out of each roll by ordering the double edge taped trim. It has a center groove that makes it easy to fold and snap the trim apart into equal widths, helping us make the most of our money and materials. We’ve seen install times cut in half in the six years since we switched to RWD.

The trim comes in 11/4-, 2-, and 21/2-inch widths. We use the 21/2-inch option, which has two additional scored lines to serve as guides if you need a different width. They offer a handful of color options, including wood grains, and also take custom requests.

The product would be perfect except that it adheres so well. That sounds strange because with other products the worry is trim that doesn’t adhere well. With RWD, it’s the opposite: The adhesive is so incredibly strong that if you make a mistake during installation, it’s nearly impossible to remove the trim without damaging the surrounding material. I’d love to see a removal solution that gives a little wiggle room for error. 

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You are absolutely correct the RWD adhesive was designed for long term adhesion. The trick in the installation is to only pull back about 1 to 2 inches of the liner back and lightly press it into your corner, now allow the trim to lay along side of the window and your gap. Now look at the fit being sure the trim is not binding and your satisfied with your margins. At this point the removal and re-positioning go's easy because the stick in very minimal in the corner. Once everything looks good now you can begin pulling the liner back a little bit at a time while pressing the trim down lightly. Once you are completely satisfied and sure of the final fit you should then firmly press and rub the trim down. There is also a trim roller you can purchase from RWD that will promote an ever better bond.

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