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Pro's Picks: MarketSharp

One pro shares her favorite CRM that everyone on her team uses for contracts, scheduling, and more. 

December 04, 2020

Michelle Lamb

Founder, Owner

Better Home Texas

Austin, Texas

Everyone on my team uses the MarketSharp CRM in some capacity. The entire customer journey is documented in the system which makes it very useful. MarketSharp has a lot of templates for email and text communication that we customize to fit our needs. These client communications are automatically sent when scheduled through action-based triggers in the system. We are a new company with a small team, and MarketSharp allows my business to communicate to customers just as effectively as very large businesses with bigger staffs. Customers have commented several times how impressed they have been with our responsiveness and prompt communication.

MarketSharp has also been instrumental in our team’s jobsite efficiency. While my team is great, the system  helps us make the best use of our time. They have everything they need in their tablet or phone such as the appointment info, pictures, contracts, measurements, costs, and more. Despite the complexities of this robust system, the MarketSharp support team and online chat are extremely accessible and helpful. My only wish would be to have the ability to send bios and pictures of our team via text. Right now that function is only available through email. The customers who actually check their email enjoy being able to see the picture and brief bio of their sales rep or installer before they arrive, and I would love to have that capability via text. Texting is huge for us and our customers

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