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Pro's Picks: American Standard

February 28, 2018

Ben Bogie

Owner, Built to Last Design & Build LLC

New Milford, Conn.




It was a good thing American Standard sponsored last year’s Model ReModel, because its kitchen and bath products are top shelf. Plus, they fit perfectly within our mission to transform and update an aged home using universal and energy-efficient design. 

In the Bathroom

Our shower and toilet were standouts. We used a detachable shower head, which is a luxury a lot of clients are looking for, but this particular model had the added benefit of adjustable height. That’s an critical accommodation for someone using a bench or wheelchair. 

The ActiClean toilet was of particular note because it was self cleaning—an impressive concept, considering no one likes to clean a toilet (at least, I know I don’t). It works off of a built-in touchpad with options for a quick, one-minute clean or a deep clean, which will still only take about 10 minutes. 

In the Kitchen

We used American Standard’s hands-free faucet in the kitchen, and I was really happy with it. It has a built-in IR sensor that makes turning it on and off as easy as the wave of a hand, which immediately makes it feel like a luxury item, something that’s totally convenient. 

The faucet has the added appeal of being environmentally friendly. The Environmental Protection Agency says that letting your faucet run while washing dishes can waste up to 10 gallons of water. Being able to turn it off as easily as waving an elbow in front of it can help reduce that waste. 

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Just put in the ActiClean on a build out and it's great.

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