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September 01, 2008

A New Kind of Tradition

Fourteen new knob and lever designs in Omnia’s Traditions line are available in all of the company’s finishes with multiple rose options, including unlacquered brass, polished chrome and antique bronze. All knobs and levers are available as passage tubular latch sets, which can be paired with a privacy bolt.

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Shine on Me

Looking for a creative lighting solution? Graber’s LightWeaves Solar Shades have a new single-touch lift system to retract shades with a single tug of the cord. The improved continuous loop lift system reduces light gaps and accommodates larger shades. Graber also offers motorized shades for hard-to-reach windows.

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You’re not always cutting in ideal locations, and sometimes it’s impossible to get a power tool in place. Bosch kept that in mind with 13 new self-feed bits ranging in size from 1- to 4 5/8 inches in diameter. All bits are equipped with a replaceable coarse threaded tip that draws the bit into the wood without pressing on it, eliminating run-out or wobble and pulling through the wood for consistently more accurate holes.

Feed Me

You’re not always cutting in ideal locations, and sometimes it’s impossible to get a power tool in place. Bosch kept that in mind with 13 new self-feed bits ranging in size from 1- to 4 5/8 inches in diameter. All bits are equipped with a replaceable coarse threaded tip that draws the bit into the wood without pressing on it, eliminating run-out or wobble and pulling through the wood for consistently more accurate holes.

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A New Horizon

Able to complement a variety of design schemes, Hakatai’s Horizon series of 7/8-by- 7/8-inch tiles contains an array of colors. The glass blends combine glossy and matte finish for a hip look. Tiles in the Horizon series are approximately ¼-inch thick and mounted on mesh-backed sheets for easy installation.

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Don’t Pass This Up

These occupancy and vacancy sensors from Pass and Seymour feature fixed-time delays, eliminating the need for adjustments. For homeowners who desire more flexibility, there’s a model with an adjustable time delay and ambient light sensing. All models have 180 degree, 600-square-foot coverage. An LED locator light provides visibility in darkened rooms.

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An Intuitive Kitchen Pal

An exclusive four-part Pure Convection system helps create uniform temperatures in Dacor’s new 36-inch Epicure Renaissance wall oven. The new units feature a RapidHeat baking element to cut bake times. They sport electronic touch controls, six cooking modes and the company’s proprietary filter. A 27-inch wall model for smaller installations is available as well.

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DeWalt recently released a series of new self-leveling rotary lasers. The DW074 has an automatic horizontal self-leveling system that provides accuracy at plus or minus ¼-inch per 100 feet. Once the laser is turned on, it will begin to level itself, and the laser stops blinking when the unit is level. The unit also has a manual feature.

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A Clear Protector

Guardian’s new ClimaGuard 75/68 Low-E glass is made to withstand the worst winter chill. The glass takes in 75 percent of the sun’s natural light while also taking in 68 percent of the sun’s heat to warm homes naturally. A U-value of .28 provides excellent insulation.

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Smaller Majesty

EcoStar released a smaller 10-inch profile in its Majestic Slate Traditional tiles. The recycled, synthetic tiles more closely replicate the look of standard slate tiles. Roofers will appreciate they’re dramatically lighter because the tiles are made of post-industrial plastics and rubber. Like EcoStar’s other products, the tiles install with 1½-inch stainless steel ring shank roofing nails.

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Style Locked In

Gorell Windows & Doors’ new 5100 Series line of windows have been designed with a modern exterior, higher efficiency glass, greater structural stability and easier installation. The 5100 Series also has the company’s stylish recessed locks that are hidden from the exterior side and give your clients an unobstructed view from the inside. The 5100 Series

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Bamboo Bonanza

It seems bamboo-based products are popping up everywhere. Stone Forest has joined the trend with its new Quattro Bamboo Vessels. Naturally lightweight and water-resistant, these sinks are made from the laminated exterior of the plant shoot. The sinks can be wall-mounted and can be matched with the company’s Bento Box, which can be configured to a seat or side table.

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Beam Me Up

No doubt some of your customers have been asking for air filtration systems in additions and throughout the house. Beam’s HEPA Air Filtration System, made by Electrolux, removes 99.97 percent of airborne particulates larger than 0.3 microns. The models have a low-maintenance filter cartridge that can last five years or longer. They also have an insulated steel cabinet.

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Quite a Pair

Homeowners want to save money on their HVAC systems. Sell them on the efficiency of the freewatt Micro-Combined Heat and Power (MCHP) system. The system uses Honda’s MCHP cogeneration unit paired with a furnace or boiler produced by Climate Energy. This unique pairing system provides heat for the home with the added benefit of electricity production. The ultra-quiet MCHP unit produces 3.26 kilowatts of heat and 1.2 kilowatts of electric power.

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I See(R) You

With a SEER rating of 23 for the 09NA model and a 22 rating for the 12NA model, Mitsubishi’s latest Mr. Slim M-Series MSZ-FD/MUZ-FD heat pumps offer a much higher efficiency rating than standard 13 SEER models. The MSZ indoor units feature two new allergen-removing filters and an “i-see” sensor for a more comfortable room.

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Quieter Than a Church Mouse

The Latitude and Affinity furnaces in Johnson Controls’ York line feature a more compact design. The furnaces measure 33 inches high, which is perfect for closets, attics, garages and other tight areas. The Latitude model is a single-stage furnace, and the Affinity has a modulating gas configuration. Both operate quieter than the company’s previous models.

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A VIP Barrier

Remodelers who need to have an air and water barrier should consider Carlisle Coatings’ Barritech VP. Its structure allows moisture vapor to escape while stopping moisture from seeping in. Install it into exterior wall assemblies where building felt or paper would be.

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Spray It and Forget It

CertainTeed’s CertaSpray open cell foam is a low-density, MDI-based, semi-rigid foam insulator to help make that envelope nice and tight. The two-component, water-blown spray foam is offered in both open- and closed-cell formulas and works well in hard-to-reach areas such as cathedral ceilings, knee walls and roof decks.

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Your Moisture Shield

Mold and mildew can’t grow without food. Fi-Foil kept this in mind while developing the new M-Shield Reflective Insulation for masonry walls. The perforated, breathable design and paperless construction means your homeowners have little to fear from those pesky microbes. The insulation has a Class-A flammability rating and meets or exceeds the IBC.

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A Smart Seal

The new Hilti CF 812 and CF 810 Filler Foams restrict air, sound, dirt and water infiltration in a variety of applications. CF 812 Window and Door Pro is low pressure filler foam that also can be used for sealing openings where flexible material is necessary. The CF 810 Crack and Joint Pro is a high-performance, high yield foam for filling around penetrations and general gaps.

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