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This month we asked, “How important is company culture to your business?”

February 26, 2014

Our PRIME advisory panel includes some of the remodeling industry’s top professionals. This month we asked, “How important is company culture to your business?”

Sharing success with team and community

“Always do the right thing” summarizes the essence of our culture. We work hard to build trust and respect among our team. There are times we need a tune-up to make sure the Marrokal team is running smoothly, but in the end, we want to make our people “feel tall.” We strive to be a giving company by sharing success with the team as well demonstrating our values by sharing with the community. This past holiday season we were able to provide meals for 5,000 people in need. Our culture is based on trust, respect, ethical values, and always doing the right thing for our clients, regardless of the cost.

Gary Marrokal, President
Marrokal Design & Remodeling, San Diego, CA

Trickle-down positive attitude

Our culture is based on the idea that customer service is No. 1 and that starts at the top. As leaders, we consider our team as family. If one wins, we all win. If the leader shows a positive attitude, even when things get tough, others are encouraged and uplifted. Because those involved in the company look to the leader, it is my job to create the vision and to establish an optimistic environment for everyone. We have a culture that encourages smiles and upbeat attitudes. These are passed right through to our customers in order to provide the best possible service.

Joe Smith, President
Central LeafGuard, Granger, IA

Invest in company culture

Ethics is what you do when no one else is watching. Culture is how your company behaves without its leadership watching. To give the best possible service to our clients, it starts with the investment in our people and company culture. We have a joke in my firm: when we interview a potential candidate for a position, we talk to them about their life, hopes and dreams, and if we really, really like them…then we look at their resume. A great cultural fit can be trained to fill a position, whereas someone with a great resume and prodigious skills that is not a good cultural fit, is someone who you will inevitably ask to leave.

Bill Baldwin, President
Hartman Baldwin Design/Build, Claremont, CA

People want to succeed

Company culture plays a huge part in the success of Alure. The harmonious, enthusiastic, team-oriented culture we have created is an environment conducive to positive results. When employees feel they are a part of the solution, their buy-in at all levels is guaranteed. I could not imagine having the success and results we desire without the healthy culture we have.

Sal Ferro, President
Alure Home Improvements, Plainview, NY

On-boarding company culture

Culture is so important to our business that we spend about a week on-boarding new team members. We’ve developed our company Codes To Live By and it’s of the utmost importance that every member of the team buy into the Custom Design way of doing things. This helps ensure the client receives the same level of service no matter who they are interacting with in the company.

Bill Simone, President
Custom Design & Construction, El Segundo, CA

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