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November 01, 2001

Invigor baths use a "whole-bath" air-injector system tuned for each model. The baths use 18-24 low-profile air injectors and a 1-horsepower, heated blower to energize the entire mass of water. Each bath can be used with bath oils, salts and other additives. All 23 models have a decorative textured bottom and are made of high-gloss cast-acrylic with fiberglass laminate reinforcement. Adjustable steel legs facilitate installation. The motor can be mounted remotely for quieter operation. Contact: 800/328-2531

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December 2014

This Month in Professional Remodeler


Created with both 3D digital print techniques and roller applications to achieve the look of ancient terra cotta, Villa Medici is a surface that pairs well with old-world inspired interiors.


Innovations like 3-D printing, unique shapes, and large format are bringing tile to the forefront of home design

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