Motivation Across Age

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Age diversity affects motivation on the job.

July 01, 2001

Age diversity affects motivation, says Marilyn Moats Kennedy, a career strategist. Managers who assume that perks such as retirement plans are universally desired experience frustration. Some examples of each age group’s motivation.

Pre-Boomers (1934-1945): money, responsibility, public recognition, accomplishment, desire to lead, control, organizational loyalty

Boomers (1946-1959): more money, promotion, public recognition, peer recognition, desire for subordinates, control, loyalty to self

Cuspers (1960-1968): do well by doing good, meeting organizational goals, recognition from boss, bonuses, stock options

Busters (1969-1978): time off, mentoring, meeting own goals, recognition from boss, skills training, stock options

Netsters (1979-1984+): time off, mentoring, portable skills training, meeting own goals, stock options, employment, sales training

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