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Understand your company's digital marketing opportunities. 

Editor's Note: In keeping with the electronic topic of this article, all interviews were conducted via e-mail and all images collected electronically. More remodelers than ever are increasing their online presence and using technology to improve their brand awareness, keep in contact with past clients and reach out to new prospects early on in the buying process.

Remodelers need to be consistent in their branding and marketing to gain trust from their clients.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running a specialty or full-service remodeling company during a market slowdown? How does that affect your approach to marketing, sales and financing?

Trade secrets from the remodeling industry

Networking is the key to visibility and increasing your circle of friends

As you know, marketing is a key component of any successful remodeling business. The key to effective marketing is identifying which marketing activities best support your business.

It's time for planning, setting up annual goals and evaluating your performance from the previous year. With the real-estate industry being as slow as it is and the fact it's nearly impossible to sell a home for top dollar unless it's in pristine condition, the remodeling industry benefits.

Learn which sales strategy works best for you in the remodeling market.

With the housing market in the midst of an extended down cycle, it's a good time to evaluate the way you do things within your company. With leads and sales down in the remodeling industry, you may want to consider altering your sales strategies to make sure the company survives.

Merillat interviews consumers to reveal key insights into homeowners' attitudes and decision-making processes. Information can be valuable to remodeling firms in formulating their sales and marketing strategies.

With their higher spending habits, the members of Generation X are poised to become the largest portion of the remodeling market by 2015. Remodelers can learn ways to reach this very different age group as baby boomers age and slow their spending.

There's only so much a job interview can tell you about a prospective hire. "People can tell me whatever they think I want to hear when I'm interviewing them," says David Heaney, president of Rockland Architecture and Rockland Builders of Newport, Del. That's why Heaney uses personality profiles for anyone who interviews for a job with his high-end remodeling firm.

Last year was a good one for remodelers, as Professional Remodeler's Business Results Survey found the highest average volume and profits in the survey's history. The average company in our exclusive industry survey has now been in business for 19 years, has 20 employees and has an annual installed volume of $4.

Your strategic marketing plan begins with becoming very clear about what you are selling and what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. To have a successful business, you will need to put a marketing plan in place to generate quality leads to achieve your budgeted sales revenue, gross profit margin, the salary you desire and net profit.

Terri King, Co-Owner, Blue Canyon Construction Located in Seattle, Blue Canyon Construction is a remodeling firm and custom home builder. In business since 1992, most projects are in the Seattle and Puget Sound region. King's husband, Rick, who has been in the business since 1976, serves in sales and manages the field.

In this second installment of Professional Remodeler's two-part series on sales and marketing strategies for increasing local market share, we illustrate the ways one company, DesignLine Remodelers Inc. of Richmond, Va., has created a detailed marketing strategy based on a well-defined client profile, clear sales goals and quality materials. 

In this first installment of Professional Remodeler's two-part series on sales and marketing strategies for increasing local market share, we focus on strengthening your sales strategies. Here are five tactics many remodelers are using to get better at turning new prospects into clients for life.

Referrals are the bread and butter of the remodeling business, but not all referral leads are created equal. Whether a prospective client finds a contractor via a friend or a phone book, the remodeler has the responsibility of choosing projects that will fit the company's schedule and resources and be most profitable.

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