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Labor Shortage Spurs Colo. to Take Action

Using legislation to help ease the skilled labor shortage

September 21, 2017
state of colorado takes action on labor shortage

The labor shortage is a nationwide problem. However, how individual states are handling it varies greatly. 

For instance, in March, the Colorado General Assembly extended the state’s 1041 powers—first passed in 1974 to give the state and local governments more defined authority in making planning decisions that affect state interests. 

Passed as House Bill 17-1041, the amendment is designed to promote non-college career paths for students. The bill—which revises several sections of the original 1041 bill—will require that public high schools inform students about post-secondary career options that don’t require a formal college education, such as jobs as skilled laborers and military personnel. 

Although HB17-1041 mentions military service, its primary goal is to reintroduce skilled trades as a career option for high school students. 

About the Author

About the Author

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.



HB17-1041 isn't the only action Colorado has taken to ease the labor shortage. Last year the State joined forces with industry leaders to launch the Construction Careers Now program geared towards boosting the number of skilled trades workers by educating a new crop of young adults just entering the work force and older adults changing career paths. There is no cost for students taking the month-long evening course since the program is funded by industry groups.

That's a great ideal. As a Professional Builder I can appreciate the effort and tell these kids that there is Professional level income to be made with hard work.

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