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Knauf Insulation Announces Formaldehyde-free Verification

Knauf is the first insulation company to verify all products as formaldehyde-free through GreenGuard

August 03, 2011

Satisfying the growing indoor air quality needs of homeowners and residential construction and design professionals, Knauf Insulation North America announces that its entire line of building insulation products, including all EcoSeal System products, are now verified as formaldehyde-free.

In addition to being the first insulation company to independently verify its entire line of building insulation products as formaldehyde-free through the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, Knauf Insulation offers more lines of formaldehyde-free insualtion products than any other company.

“This is a unique step that goes beyond our certification to the GREENGUARD Children and Schools low emissions standard. With the increasing number of specifications for formaldehyde-free insulation, we wanted to have a credible third-party organization verify that our products exceed the strictest Formaldehyde-free testing,” said Glenn Brower, director of technical marketing for Knauf Insulation.

“We are proud to be an industry leader in sustainability and also in environmental air quality standards. This has been important to us since 2001, when GREENGUARD first launched and Knauf Insulation became the first insulation manufacturer to meet low emissions requirements and achieve certification,” Brower said.

All Knauf Insulation building insulation products feature the patented ECOSE technology, a bio-based binder made from rapidly renewable materials doing away with chemicals and gases such as phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors that have been traditionally used in fiber glass insulation.

The new GREENGUARD-certified EcoSeal product is a water-based elastomeric sealant used with Knauf Insulation’s batt and blow-in products to maximize a home’s tightness and therefore its energy efficiency.         

“With green building and the demand for increasingly tighter homes, we understand that IAQ is critically important to health and also contractor productivity. We stand behind the commitment that our full-line GREENGUARD certification provides, and encourage architects, engineers and building owners to seek out materials that are independently verified as being formaldehyde-free,” said Brower.

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