Keys for 2012 success in remodeling

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16 industry leaders share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for 2012

January 18, 2012

John Todd, President

Elite Remodeling, Frisco, Texas

2011 Dallas Market Leader

Top opportunity

Increasing gross margins, improving skill sets and expanding the company’s brand through new partnerships.

Top challenge

“To see changes in a softening of our market early enough to plan for it, improve internal productivity through new processes and toolsets and reduce warranty expense through improved construction and communications.”

Key to 2012 success

“Having an up year, flat year or even a down year is OK in today’s environment, as long as I planned for it!”

Bill Shaw, President

William Shaw & Associates, Houston

2011 Houston Market Leader

Top opportunity

Not repeating the mistake of taking on lower-margin jobs just to keep working, while budgeting marketing dollars for

new opportunities.

Top challenge

“Our top challenge is to monitor our financials carefully and often, then to have a plan in place to modify our overhead expeditiously if we need to.”

Key to 2012 success

“How we market and how we sell are still the foundations for success in the

remodeling business. … No one in this industry can afford to relax, accept business as usual, and just be lazy.”

Allison Iantosca, Partner

F.H. Perry Builder, Hopkinton, Mass.

2011 Boston Market Leader

Top opportunity

Small project and maintenance division, F.H. Perry Home, poised to take off, providing an opportunity to keep in touch with old clients and attract new. “A place where people are willing to spend money. Order taking as opposed to bidding.”

Top challenge

Never taking any relationship for granted and constant reinforcement of F.H. Perry’s brand message and difference.

Key to 2012 Success

Selling projects through F.H. Perry Home such that it serves as a full-bodied revenue source and securing contracts for two or three big projects early in the year.

Matt Plaskoff, CEO

One Week Bath, Van Nuys, Calif.

2011 Los Angeles Market Leader

Top opportunity

Creating efficiencies and lean practices that will serve the business when the economy turns.

Top challenge

Maintaining a solid flow of viable leads and remaining flexible in a volatile economy. “It’s a more competitive market than ever and those that can provide an extraordinary product, service and value will continue to thrive,” Plaskoff says.

Key to 2012 Success

Being aware of the market and making change as necessary to respond to it.


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