Keys for 2012 success in remodeling

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16 industry leaders share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for 2012

January 18, 2012

Bruce Case, President

Case Design/Remodeling, Bethesda, Md.

2009 PR Remodeler of the Year

Top opportunity

Continuing to diversify through low-risk pilot efforts, while motivating and building a world-class team of employees.

Top challenge

Balancing focus/energy spent on existing business lines vs. that spent on new initiatives while dealing with competition because of the ease of entry into the remodeling industry.

Key to 2012 success

“Working as one cohesive team, consistently delivering on the promises we make — to each other, to our clients, and to our alliance partners.”

Bob Peterson, President

ABD Design/Build, Fort Collins, Colo.

NAHBR Chairman

Top opportunity

“Continue to capitalize on our strong brand while maintaining a very lean and efficient company process … The companies who have worked hard to establish themselves as a brand name in their markets will be the first to grow during any recovery.”

Top challenge

“Entry into the remodeling business by people who are unemployed and by new home builders who do not understand the remodeling process and pricing will always be a challenge.” Also the pressure from continued regulations “as long there are people willing to perform without following the rules.”

Key to 2012 success

Staying focused on changing to meet today’s remodeling world and also focusing on staying lean and efficient.

Stewart Davis, Design Director

CG&S Design-Build, Austin, Texas

Winner of the 2011 Professional Remodeler Design Awards Project of the Year

Top opportunity

“Solidifying our leadership role in the Austin residential renovation market by using our reputation, longevity and high quality standards to separate us even further from others.”

Top challenge

“Balancing our clients’ desire for beautiful and functional projects with their desire to keep costs low. Knowing how far to go without creating negative responses that result in projects going on hold or being cancelled altogether.”

Key to 2012 success

“The key is finding the ‘right’ clients: Those that want what we offer (full service, quality based design and construction) and who are not looking for the lowest cost contractor or easiest fix.”


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