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It's 2015 and You Don't Know Bull Pucky About Marketing Anymore

How to make your website stand out to younger consumers

July 15, 2015

Marketing is about knowing how to capture past, present, and future customers. Last year I conducted a study of what top remodeling companies (according to revenue) currently do for digital marketing, and the results were clear: The majority of those companies lacked a clear strategy, execution, or, most importantly, message targeting their audience.

The future audience, Millennials, depends on quick, clear messaging when making decisions. Millennials make up 28.7 percent of the U.S. population—11 million more people than baby boomers.

As a contractor, you must first understand future demographics before deciding on your marketing strategy. Digital marketing is the future for the remodeling industry, and it starts with converting website visitors into leads. Since 2011, our company has grown from $3 million in revenue to a projected $11 million for 2015, and we currently produce an average of 40 leads per week, up from 10 leads in 2011. This is in large part due to our digital marketing strategies.

The key to creating a high-conversion website is to understand analytics. If you don’t currently have analytics for your site, it’s time to set that up now.

There are two analytical platforms I would suggest: Google Analytics and CrazyEgg. Google Analytics looks at statistics for the outside traffic coming to your site; CrazyEgg analyzes what that traffic does once it gets to your site. Be sure to consult with an expert about setting up these platforms and understanding how to use the data. Then analyze at least three months’ worth of data and start formulating a strategy. When trying to reach the middle-aged to Millennial market, consider the following:Rising tide: Currently, 35 percent of all buying power in the U.S. belongs to Millennials. That number will grow as baby boomers continue to retire.  Rising tide: Currently, 35 percent of all buying power in the U.S. belongs to Millennials. That number will grow as baby boomers continue to retire.  

Create your company’s baseline

Develop a baseline of statistics to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. With Google Analytics, you can examine specific segments of your site visitors based on their actions and behavior. You can then see what’s currently working and what needs improvement. Tailor content based on these insights.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

As of April 2015, Google is penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly by decreasing their ranking positions. Plus, it’s much more pleasant for a user to look at your site from a mobile device when it’s a responsive design.

Create a unique, personalized message

Your website copy is a critical part of capturing the attention of your desired demographic. Many remodelers are uninspiring with their message to the user.

Consider what’s important to the user, not to the company

We often forget that it’s all about the user. When reviewing dozens of websites in this industry, it’s astounding how much we like to talk about how great we are instead of why we’re great to the customer.

Test, Test, Test

A/B testing is the best way to tweak what is, and isn’t, working when a user reaches your website. Using CrazyEgg, you’ll be able to establish better ways to convert more users.

Overall, base your Web strategy around the way users interact with your site and brand. Also, have a thorough understanding of the future Millennial market and why Millennials would be willing to eventually become your customer.  PR

Daniel Hurth is marketing director for Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen, in San Diego. He can be reached at danh@remodelworks.com.

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