PR November 2010

November 01, 2010
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The best new products of 2010, presented by Professional Remodeler and Professional Builder.

When many contractors around the country are struggling to stay in business, Tod and Kristin Sakai have seen their three-year-old design/build company, Sockeye Homes, grow robustly. They expect Sockeye sales volume this year to nearly double 2009’s volume, reaching $2.5 million.

Precise systems and good listening deliver dazzling project at a practical price

New NARI lobbyist Tom Sullivan talks about what he’ll be doing for the remodeling industry

Efficiency, return on investment keys to making sustainable remodeling work for homeowners

Energy audits are one of the popular cure-alls in the remodeling industry these days as firms look for new ways to capture business.
Some remodelers are opting to use them as a loss leader, while others are finding the audits a way to generate profit and drive more work.

Coming up with an exit strategy is never easy. What do you need to do to successfully sell your business? Professional Remodeler’s Jud Mostenbocker (who sold his own company to his son) talked to radio host and former remodeler Rosie Romero, who sold his firm in 2002 to a group of employees, and Chuck Solomon, who is preparing to sell his company.

National Association of Business Economics forecasting growth for 2012 in the housing industry

There are sound reasons for encouraging green remodeling, regardless of politics or preserving the environment.

For every dissatisfied customer you create, you need two satisfied customers just to offset the negative talk.

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