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Mar/Apr 2021

March 29, 2021


To create a path into the trades for women, Hope Renovations runs training programs for free

Celebrating remodeling’s young leaders with inspirational, humorous, and transformative stories from their journeys to success. 

A sheathing that cuts installation time nearly half and provides an air-and-water-sealed barrier. 

A deck fastener system designed for metal framing that can save remodelers time and money. 

And when we say “lasts,” we’re talking about a really, really, long, long time.

What is new in the industry? The National Association of Home Builders shares updates that remodelers should know.

A website redesign could help remodelers generate more leads, but that’s not always the case. Here’s why.

The Biden administration’s regulatory posture will be entirely different from that of its predecessor. 

Home improvement juggernaut West Shore Home's new company-wide base wage doubles the legal minimum in nearly every state it operates

Stories give us a stick-to-your-soul way of passing along knowledge.

Since 1960, the purchasing power of a minimum wage position in France has more than tripled, while in the US it remains virtually unchanged—and now is also relatively weaker than France’s overall. 

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