January 2019

January 08, 2019
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"(Jobber) has more capabilities than we knew how to use at the outset, but the combo of Jobber’s customer service and intuitive software meant it didn’t take long to catch on." 

Nielsen numbers and research show huge influence and ROI in radio advertising

10 indicators that show remodelers current and future market conditions 

Increasing the size and price point of your projects can improve your company’s revenue and reputation

The industry’s first cold-formed steel prefabricated moment frame

Tips for easing the transition between traditional products and processes and newer, resilient options

A new take on an old favorite 

A look at what makes flashing tape so sticky and why the way you install it determines how well it stays stuck

Adding plywood gussets to short lengths of I-joist makes for easy-to-install blocking in an engineered floor frame

A look behind the walls of the New American Remodel 

Carl Callsen comes from a family of carpenters, but he is different from his parents in one extremely important way

Expanding and updating a cramped Mid-Century home was the mission for the 2018 Model ReModel

Carrying the right equipment can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s a list of what’s in my truck.

FastenMaster’s LOK line of structural wood screws eliminates the need for pre-drilling

It's like five tools in one, pluse a few more

Time starved? Use these simple tricks to add precious hours to your week.

At the rate technology is changing, early adopters will succeed at the expense of remodelers who take a wait-and-see approach.

What exactly is a Thought Leader anyway? I came up with five descriptions. 

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