December 2018

November 21, 2018
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Remodelers are letting tens of thousands of dollars pass them by 

A survey of remodelers

The annual Bologna-based trade show is the perfect place for American remodelers to learn what it is to work with Italian Ceramic Tiles.

Many remodelers use outdated and ineffective methods of forecasting business. Knowing which numbers to track is a crucial part of managing your company.

Dos and don’ts for creating a structurally sound, finished basement that homeowners will love

The most heavy-duty coffee maker available 

A marketing & SEO education tool built exclusively for contractors

Free online software to simplify and speed up the design process

How much moisture air can hold depends on the temperature, which is why they call it “relative humidity.” Here’s how it works and why it matters.

A strip of plywood, some blocks, and a table saw will help you salvage crooked framing lumber by safely ripping a straight edge 

Before the Model ReModel's big reveal next month, here's a look at the floorplan and finishes for the top level

Remodeling business owners reveal how they keep their production teams from being poached by other companies

Six takeaways from the world’s largest tile show

The 2019 New American Remodel will blend modern design with a farm-to-table lifestyle

"The customization aspect is actually my favorite part of the app."

"A small twist knob lets you easily open the machine and empty out the dust tray, and since there’s no water, there’s no slurry to dispose of at the end of the day."

Understanding these changes in the market will help you position your business

I was focused on my job, relying on remodeling pros to be focused on theirs. Maybe I got too much of a good thing.

Half of his team quit over a single two-week period. The loss was devastating. 

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