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April 2019

March 26, 2019


...don’t just pay for them

Use these tips to get maximum value from your project management system 

Arbitration may historically be the favorite method of construction pros, but it comes with some troubling issues

Start tracking the metric your business can’t live without in 2019 and beyond 

Built-up deck beams create seams that collect water and inhibit drying. Using spacers between 2-bys creates an airspace that promotes drainage and speeds drying.

If your estimates are accurate, but you’re still losing money, it could be a miscalculated markup. Here’s how to correct your mistake.

This year’s under-40 class truly embodies the hard work and ingenuity seen throughout this industry. Warmest congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.

"The versatility of Night Watch is really what drew me in."

Decking that sells itself 

Four big takeaways every remodeler needs to know

When most people call, it’s to talk with a person. Why, then, do automated phone menus offer every option under the sun except that one?

We’ve achieved a tipping point around the adoption of these products

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