April 2018

March 22, 2018


Use these tips to test whether an applicant has the skills and dedication for the job

A smart induction cooktop that requires no hood, no ductwork, and soon, no custom installation 

Designed for the construction industry, 3M’s new post-its stick to lumber, brick, cement and steel

A single device to bring water monitoring into the smart home technology mix

Tightening this complex intersection of framing materials

High-density foam injected under a concrete pool patio raised cracked and sinking sections back to flush and level 

Meet the generation taking on the labor shortage (for starters) 

Subflooring that resists bowing and other damages while increasing efficiency

A sleek door that blends well with modern luxury and doubles as a weather barrier

The funds will go toward training 20,000 new skilled workers over the next 10 years, including veterans, ex-cons and high school students

Tradeoffs are a fact of life for remodeling Clients. To make good decisions, they need information...all of it.

There’s an aspect of workplace culture that I don’t hear discussed. 

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