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Introducing the New Marvin

Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors Rebrand Under One Name

May 01, 2019

Marvin Windows and Doors and its brand Integrity Windows and Doors are no longer separate entities. As of today, the manufacturer has changed its name to simply Marvin. With the change also comes a redesign of its logo, as well as a reorganizing of its product portfolio and a number of new internal initiatives aimed at what the official statement describes as “customer-centric” product introductions.

Nothing will change as far as manufacturing, the products, sales process, and warranties according to Brett Boyum, Marvin’s vice president in charge of brand and user experience. The change is meant to improve service.

“When Paul (Marvin, CEO) took over in 2017, he came in wanting to broaden the way we think about our products,” Boyum says. “Our focus has expanded to better consider how our products are helping people experience their space in a way that helps them live better.” Part of that expanded focus is making the products easier to find.

Next to Marvin’s name and logo, the most impactful change from the rebranding, so far as contractors will be concerned, is in product names, which are re-imagined under the new brand, Boyum says.

“For instance, Integrity’s Wood-Ultrex line will still exist but as part of Marvin’s Elevate Collection.” In the long-term, the manufacturer believes consolidating products into collections with better defined value propositions (see below) will make navigation more efficient. “There will be education and training for our dealers and partners to help them acclimate.”

The Power of the Homeowner

Another big change happening alongside the rebrand, though less immediately impactful to contractors, is the evolution of how Marvin views the selection process.  “Consumers are more educated and because of that they have more influence,” Boyum says. “Before they ever initiate contact with a contractor, they’ve already Googled products and looked around the manufacturer’s website.” He says that homeowners want to have already heard of a brand when a contractor recommends it.

Through the reorganization and a number of internal initiatives, Marvin has reframed everything from product innovations to company values to consider first and foremost the homeowner. It wants customers to have no trouble finding Marvin products during their research phase, and then also no trouble remembering Marvin during the true selection process. “The one Marvin name helps us there,” Boyum says, adding that this thinking will factor into marketing strategy moving forward.


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