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Innovative Products: MyOnlineToolbox

A marketing & SEO education tool built exclusively for contractors

December 10, 2018
a marketing and seo tool built for remodeling contractors

Marketing and lead gen are top of mind for service companies, but oftentimes, contractors don’t have a formal background in either. 

Enter MyOnlineToolbox: a marketing and website SEO education series created specifically for contractors. “We set out with the goal of reducing the intimidation factor to learning how to market your company,” says company president, Brian Javeline. “Instead of just creating a website and marketing plan for contractors, we equip those companies with skills to fix the problems themselves.”

Four educational tracks are available, based on the level of guidance needed. The Basic series, at $379, is most popular and provides introductory marketing and website terminology and strategy to generate leads. If you want to take it further, the Advanced series covers topics such as creating testimonials and video for your website, linking to other sources for credibility, and using Facebook for social sharing.

All tracks leverage video instruction, quick quizzes, and written materials to ensure users follow along and gain the skills they need. Each series takes only a few hours of time and doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting.

Part of the secret to MyOnlineToolbox’s success is how the company views its users. “I have a tremendous amount of business people who are remodelers,” Javeline says, “but I need them to be business people first.”

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