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Innovative Products: Chameleon Power Photo+Measure

Eliminating 3D models and hand measurements for roofing and siding replacement

May 31, 2019
chameleon power introduces tool to take measurements with photos

Until recently, contractors needed 3D models of already-existing homes to help homeowners visualize how new materials would look. To accurately price those materials, the contractors had to drag out the ladder and take measurements by hand.

No longer, thanks to Chameleon Power, who recently introduced Photo+Measure—the industry’s first photographic visualization and measurement tool, according to the company. 

Here’s how it works: Upload a photo of the house into the tool’s interface, and apply color-accurate materials to the roof and/or siding to more easily visualize new materials and colors.

As its name states, Photo+Measure also provides users with accurate measurements of a project from just a few photos. “We had internal tools as part of our other visualization tech that provided measurements from images,” says Dan Dempsey, CEO of Chameleon Power. “With Photo+Measure, now contractors can take advantage of the accuracy of those algorithms.” 

A particularly useful feature of the tool is a slider that users can drag across the image to compare different products and colors against the home’s original materials, without having to change screens or programs.

Chameleon plans to expand Photo+Measure’s suite of capabilities to include a pricing module, a color harmonizing tool (great for those of us that don’t have an eye for complementary colors), and interior products, thus opening up the floor to more than exterior replacement contractors. 

Still in soft launch, Photo+Measure is currently priced per project: $39 for roof only, and $79 for roof and siding. The company completes all renderings in-house, and produces approximately 3,000 per month across all clients.

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