Innovative Products: American Standard Beale MeasureFill Faucet

A kitchen faucet that dispenses precise amounts of water at the touch of a dial

June 12, 2018
American Standard Beale MeasureFill Faucet on pro remodeler

Doing dishes rarely makes the list of favorite chores, but the Beale MeasureFill pull-down touch kitchen faucet by American Standard eliminates the need to wash at least one dish: the measuring cup.

“We realized through our research that the kitchen faucet has become an appliance,” says Noelle Giblin, senior director of faucets for American Standard. “So we focused on how to simplify the tasks people are doing with that faucet—filling up containers, pots, dog bowls, you name it.”

To use the MeasureFill, homeowners set the dial on the side of the single-hole, deck-mount faucet to dispense a precise amount of water—up to 5 cups (40 oz.), in increments of 4 oz. Then touch the dial window to activate water flow; the faucet will automatically shut off when the appropriate amount of water has been dispensed. If more than 5 cups are needed, the process can be repeated.

“People are particularly excited about the convenience factor,” says Giblin. “Being able to set something down in the sink, tap the button, and walk away really opens up the ability to more effectively multitask in the kitchen. There’s less time and water wasted.”

The MeasureFill comes with touch functionality, but also includes an ADA-compliant lever to enable manual operation. The faucet head pulls down as well, and provides users with both spray and stream flow options. 

The MeasureFill runs on either batteries or a power adapter. When the batteries are running low, a warning flashes on the touch dial to alert the user. The battery pack comes with a longer-than-average cord, so it can be installed near the front of the sink for easy battery replacement.

“[Homeowners don’t want to] have to crawl underneath the sink,” Giblin says, “so why not make this task easier, too?”

The MeasureFill launched in mid-April, and the estimated list price is $650 for the stainless steel finish and $750 for the polished chrome.

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