How to Make a DIY Picture Frame Teleprompter for In-House Videos

How one remodeler built a simple teleprompter for his own video production

October 23, 2020
How to Make a DIY Teleprompter

As social media and digital marketing become staple avenues for drumming up business, remodelers are starting to make their own videos and use them on their websites. You don't need much equipment to do this but a teleprompter really can help. The problem is that there are many apps out there that will create a teleprompter, but they can be hard to use, glitchy, or constrained to a certain operating system.

Chris Black, president of Blackline Renovations, found a video on Youtube that shows how to make your own teleprompter. Though the video is silent and lacks specific instructions, Black was able to recreate his own version that works anywhere and is built out of materials from the hardware store.

Watch his explanation below or at HorizonTV.

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