How Fluidity Can Be Your Best Business Move

Mark Richardson shares the importance of fluidity within the remodeling business.

September 29, 2021
Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson

On this episode of Remodeling Mastery, host and remodeling veteran Mark Richardson evaluates the impact of implementing a fluid approach to managing your business—especially now.

"We've continued to march, we've adapted, we've changed, we've found different ways of doing things, but the reality is that we are still in a place right now, I think, that is a little bit weird and foggy," says Richardson. "When there's a lot of fog ahead, you have to approach things a little differently. My theme, at least or my disposition and I'm encouraging people to be right now is fluid."

Listen to the podcast to hear Richardson's take on fluidity and what that looks like for those in the remodeling industry.

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