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Remodelers can be slow to embrace new technology, and with good reason.

June 01, 2002

Remodelers can be slow to embrace new technology, and with good reason. Most new software isn’t developed with the remodeling industry in mind. If it is, it might not be compatible with other systems already in place.

That’s why plug-in applications — software that adds functionality to an existing program — are nice. For instance, remodelers already using an Act! 2000 database for contact management systems can purchase Trans/Act! Home Builder, a lead-tracking and scheduling application. Its customizable design lets the user track information about any job, including subcontractors, vendors and expenses.

The application’s Auto-Scheduler utility allows for scheduling of multiple events at once, while Auto-Scheduler works in conjunction with Letter Manager, which can be set to automatically print letters, such as follow-ups.
Other features include Quick Photo, which lets the user attach photos or contracts to records, and Quick Entry, which uses a database of phone and postal codes for easy data entry.

The application also features calculator functions that determine buyer qualification with both Federal Housing Administration and conventional loans.

The program also syncs up with personal digital assistants. For more information, call 800/238-0560 or visit

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