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March 01, 2002

The pressure-assist toilet’s insulated tank flushing system is installed between the 16-inch CC wall studs, creating 6 to 9 inches of legroom and a flush quieter than that of floor-mounted pressure or gravity models, the company says. The product is designed to reduce clogs and service calls by providing stronger, more efficient waste extraction. Double flushing should be eliminated, and cleaning under the bowl is facilitated because there’s no base. Installation requires no pumps, electrical connections, floor cutting or drop ceiling work.


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December 2014

This Month in Professional Remodeler


Created with both 3D digital print techniques and roller applications to achieve the look of ancient terra cotta, Villa Medici is a surface that pairs well with old-world inspired interiors.


Innovations like 3-D printing, unique shapes, and large format are bringing tile to the forefront of home design

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