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Collection System

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Construction lawyer Thomas Croessmann walks contractors through 5 tips on setting up a system for collecting payments from clients.

This simple checklist will help you plan for a successful 2018 

remodelers attorney's fees under gavel

Maybe, depending on circumstances

four remodelers thoughts on transparency in pricing in the home improvement industry

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

Nine incorrect principles often held by less successful company owners

Next time you're reluctant to ask a prospect about budget, remember: It isn’t just about you

Small businesses are hit more frequently by embezzlement, and often with more serious consequences

Five decidedly unexciting tips for a stronger financial return, better client experience, and less stress on your organization

Rising costs

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Regular and sometimes steep increases in the cost of materials are a fact of life in residential construction. Too bad homeowners don’t know it.

Wallet squeezed in a C-clamp

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Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

Betting on the success of an app for contractors that lets homeowners qualify for loans

Why it's so hard for remodelers to talk about money, and tips for getting over it 

Bounced check marked non-sufficient funds

You finished that replacement job two weeks ago and collected the final check. Today a letter from the bank arrives: you've got a bounced check.

Empty pockets client won't pay

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Once burned by a nonpaying client, contractors will find ways to make sure the experience isn't repeated

What to keep in mind as you prepare to file taxes for your remodeling business

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Dos and don’ts in preparing a tax filing for your company

By having cash reserves, you can offset unpredictable business setbacks

Having cash reserves can offset unpredictable business setbacks or fund future growth


Create a system to ensure and build your profit

If you run your business with profit as an afterthought, it's time to make a change. 

For longer projects, percent-complete accounting is the best way to track revenue and gross profit

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