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Facebook Watch: Lead Gen and Booking

In eight weeks, one company generated 3,000 leads using this new Facebook Messenger feature

June 10, 2019

Facebook is rolling out to its messenger two new features designed to help businesses more easily generate leads and book appointments. 

Currently in beta, the updates will introduce a lead gen conversation template for the platform’s automated messenger and an appointment booking interface that integrates with a business’s calendar system. Two different major companies—General Motors and Sephora—have already served as guinea pigs for the updates. Using a lead gen template, GM generated 3,000 leads over eight weeks, with a conversion rate 30% higher than its other digital marketing channels. Using the booking interface, Sephora saw in-store bookings increase by 60% compared to other channels. 

About the Author

About the Author

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.



Why are you comparing GM and Sphora with Home Improvements? I mean, don't highlight "In eight weeks, one company generated 3,000 leads using this new Facebook Messenger feature" and then come to tell us that the company who generated 3,000 leads was GM. It's a completely different business model, sector and everything. Misleading article.

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