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Check Out This Interactive Map That Reveals Job Density Across America

RCLCO's new digital tool maps out spatial distribution of jobs by industry

July 17, 2020
Workers on a roof installation

By sirisakboakaew | Adobe Stock

Ever wonder which region has the most jobs? RCLCO Real Estate Advisors has released an interactive map that answers that and more.

“This tool enables users to easily check and compare the density and distribution of jobs across different geographies, revealing the precise location of key, high-density employment cores that drive economic activity in any jurisdiction,” RCLCO says in its blog post. “The tool also allows users to pinpoint clusters of employment by industry group.”

Using job data from the U.S. census, RCLCO developed a digital tool to visualize the spatial distribution of jobs by industry such as manufacturing operations, which includes construction.

“RCLCO’s interactive tool provides visual support for Robert Manduca’s Spatial Structure of U.S. Metropolitan Employment (2018), which concludes that jobs have a ‘bimodal spatial distribution,’ with roughly 75% of jobs located on only 10% of built land, a distribution that holds true across major cities throughout the U.S,” the company says. “Unsurprisingly, the highest concentrations of professional services employment are located in dense urban cores/city centers, whereas industries such as manufacturing tend to be more distributed.”

Check out the tool here.


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Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. The hosting site for the link was done, but is active again. The link should work now. Thank you!

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