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Bryan Beavers

Bryan’s extra time spent preparing for projects saves money and hassle during the build. 

March 28, 2016
Bryan Beavers, Owner at Bryan Beavers Construction, in Oklahoma City, 2016 Professional Remodeler 40 Under 40 awardee


Bryan Beavers Construction, Oklahoma City 

Age 31

2015 Revenue: $800,000

Best practice: To minimize scheduling and budget issues, Bryan spends more time on the pre-construction side. Before anyone picks up a hammer, he has as many as seven separate meetings at the jobsite with architects and tradespeople and never relies on histori- cal costs when creating a budget. Instead, he works with his framers, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC subs up front to get bids for that specific project. As a result, Bryan usually comes in at, or even below, budget. The company also uses cost plus pricing, which he says has been a big success.

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