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Director, Sales and Marketing

Since 2013 Kevin Harris has served as Director of Sales & Marketing for AGS Stainless, Inc. Mr. Harris has an extensive track record in business development, marketing, communications and sales. Prior to his position with AGS Stainless, Mr. Harris founded 4 industry-leading firms including 2-information technology firms, one specializing in the creation of web-based process management tools for Fortune 100 corporations and one that specialized in building predictive modeling applications for federal agencies, a real estate development firm that spearheaded the restoration and redevelopment of a historic seaport communities downtown waterfront and a state-chartered community bank. Two of these four companies he sold to publicly traded corporations.

The Ease of Installing a Prefabricated Railing System

Take a look at the benefits of this simple-to-install railing system.

sponsored September 29, 2016

Facing a time crunch to complete a home to be featured in the local Parade of Homes, Ryan Hanson, Partner at Sustainable Nine Design + Build in Minneapolis, enlisted his exterior siders to install the home’s exterior railing system. 

“These guys were a little bit scared because they had never done it before, but they installed it super quick and it looks great,” he says. 

AGS Stainless makes the installation process as simple as possible. We number all of the posts, cut the cables, put the end fittings on and place the cables in separate bags. The installation instructions are very clear, which cuts installation time and allows builders to move to the next project as quickly as possible. 

And if it’s an emergency, we can free up a whole production line and knock a project out. It’s very difficult for a local fabricator to do that because they have limited resources and capacity.

Learn more about installing prefabricated railing systems in this video excerpt from a panel discussion hosted by AGS Stainless at the recent Dwell on Design exhibition and conference in Los Angeles. 

Click here to watch the video.



How do you get the building officials to sign off? We have tried on multiple jobs to have rails like this installed and struck out each time.

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