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Director, Sales and Marketing

Since 2013 Kevin Harris has served as Director of Sales & Marketing for AGS Stainless, Inc. Mr. Harris has an extensive track record in business development, marketing, communications and sales. Prior to his position with AGS Stainless, Mr. Harris founded 4 industry-leading firms including 2-information technology firms, one specializing in the creation of web-based process management tools for Fortune 100 corporations and one that specialized in building predictive modeling applications for federal agencies, a real estate development firm that spearheaded the restoration and redevelopment of a historic seaport communities downtown waterfront and a state-chartered community bank. Two of these four companies he sold to publicly traded corporations.

Bringing a Dream Home to Life in Wisconsin

Easy-to-Install Cable Railing System Accentuates Linear Aesthetic and All-Natural Elements

sponsored July 15, 2016

When homeowners Dino Maniaci and Jason Hoke first imagined their dream home in Madison, Wisconsin, they envisioned a museum-like dwelling that integrated natural materials from the surrounding environment to create a harmonious blend of industrial architecture with nature.

So when it came time to consider a stairway and deck railing system to complement that motif, factors such as linear aesthetics, ease of installation, and proper material selection were just as important as safety and durability.

Initially, they chose a custom fabricator to create the interior and exterior railing systems throughout the 2,500-sq.-ft. property. But the time and cost required to fabricate and install this handcrafted system far exceeded the homeowners’ budget.

After conducting some intensive Internet research and considering numerous options, they selected the AGS Stainless Rainier Cable Railing system, featuring a wooden hand rail atop the stainless-steel cable railing system.

The project’s architect – Stephen Bruns, Principal of Bruns Architecture – favored Rainier’s high-quality look to accentuate the home’s horizontal aesthetic with its linear cabling lines. “There’s a certain delicacy when blending the thin, stainless-steel cabling with the wooden hand railings that’s really quite nice – it melds the home’s overall industrial feel with the all-natural accents throughout in a very elegant and subtle way, not to mention how it’s well engineered as an easy-to-assemble system,” he says.

The durability of the system, which is designed to last a lifetime, was especially important to withstand the brutal Wisconsin winters.

Part of the Clearview® line of stainless-steel railing systems, Rainier can be paired with a wide range of options, including numerous top hand railing and mounting post choices, powder coating, and even tempered glass infill – for a fully-customized look at an affordable cost.

Since completing this project in early 2013, the Milwaukee-based Bruns Architecture has specified stainless-steel cable railing systems from AGS Stainless on several other residential projects.

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Especially like the openness that cable rails provide. As shown in other articles on this site, they are especially helpful for sleeping lofts to minimize the visual clutter in a space. We have also used this system in some of our city loft projects. You can check them out here:

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