3 Website Redesign Myths for Remodelers

A website redesign could help remodelers generate more leads, but that’s not always the case. Here’s why.

March 31, 2021
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Today, your website is the most critical marketing tool in your toolbelt, but most remodeling companies don’t treat it that way and could do with a redesign. However, before you go out and spend thousands of dollars, I want you to be aware of the biggest myths about redesigning websites.

Myth #1: My Website Has Worked This Long, So It’s Fine

Just because your website has worked, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. I’d also challenge you to think about if your website really has been working or has it just been existing? My guess is that your website doesn’t reflect the current quality of your work or even feature the latest projects you’ve completed or the new way you take clients through the project. If any of these is the case, you have a couple of options.

Path #1: if your website is super outdated and doesn’t present your brand in a positive light nor reflects the quality of work you do, it makes sense to explore a redesign before you move on to improving the performance of your website.  

Path #2: if your website has high-quality photos and presents your brand well, then you should move directly to working on website performance through SEO and updated content as opposed to website design.

Myth #2: A Website Redesign Will Automatically Result in More Traffic, Leads

I talk to hundreds of remodeling companies every single year and probably about a third of them are actively thinking about redesigning their websites. However, the reason they want to redesign their website is not necessarily because they want it to look better. They want it to perform better. This is a critical distinction.  

A good website will present your brand and your company in a good light which means it looks professional and the design is solid with high-quality photography. A high-performance website does that in addition to generating traffic and leads. This means you get legitimate inquiries for your services from prospective customers discovering you via Google. Don’t expect a brand new website design to magically bring you new customers.  All it will do is change the way your website looks and feels.

Myth #3: SEO Changes All the Time, So It Doesn’t Matter

Website performance has to do with quality content, SEO, user experience, and lead conversion optimization.  When I look at the data from all the remodeling websites we manage across the United States and Canada, the highest quality leads always come from Organic Search (i.e. Google).  SEO matters more today than ever before. As the buying demographics for remodels ages, more and more millennials are turning to Google instead of relying on their friends and family for recommendations. Making SEO a priority will ensure your future success online to generate high-quality leads and customers.  

Spencer Powell is the founder of Builder Funnel, a company offering marketing, coaching, and website redesign services to builders and remodelers.

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Excellent comments for us all to live by today and tomorrow! ONwards and UPwards with Professional Builder!

"A good website will present your brand and your company." I completely agree! Choose a design that makes your content look good and perform well when building your website. Design is an important part of the building process, as well as marketing your business.

Thanks for sharing this great article!


You need to redesign it from time to time because google changes its rules every time.

I agree. A website redesign can help you start fresh with your website and optimize it to run faster. When you redesign your site, you can optimize your images from the start. This prevents you from bogging down your site and enables it to load your content faster.

Believe me, a website redesign will help you big time.

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