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26-Year-Old Contractor Dies in 50-foot Fall

A cherry-picker appears to be a reasonably safe work platform, but without fall protection accidents can be fatal

April 20, 2016
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Construction workers in aerial lift

Photo courtesy OSHA

A 26-year-old tree service worker fell 50 feet to his death when part of a tree he was removing struck the aerial lift he was working from. Although OSHA requires a body belt tied off to the bucket to prevent this type of fall, the worker was not using any fall protection equipment.

Aerial lifts, or "cherry pickers" as they are commonly called, are frequently used by construction workers as a convenient and seemingly safe alternative to scaffolding. But this type of equipment presents hazards of its own, and its use is not exempt from OSHA regulations. If precautions are not taken, serious accidents can still occur.

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