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11 Products That Prove the Drain Is Disappearing

A more-is-less trend that's leading to much sleeker showers and sinks

November 29, 2017

Image features the Easy Drain from Easy Sanitary Solutions

Drains are some of the most underrated products in a house, seen and ignored, but these days manufacturers have applied a certain design discipline that makes them integral to the architecture.

Two of the big drivers behind that trend are: linear and trench drains that give barrier-free showers a uncluttered look that's ADA-compliant; and drains designed to blend into the cast iron, ceramic, or arylic shower and sink bodies. Both represent a concerted effort to reimagine drains, and not just for a more modern look, but also to improve functionality. 

Our friends at Products magazine took a closer look at the trend and spotlighted 11 trailblazing designs. Read the full article here


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