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Two Birds, One Stone

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A Letter to Your Clients: 10 Ways to be a World-Class Client

Mark Richardson flips the script, offering insights into what makes a good client and ways remodelers can help

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Two Birds, One Stone

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Two Birds, One Stone

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Two Birds, One Stone

Creativity doesn't simply extend to remodelers' bump out ability and wall placement strategies. Remodelers' products are an expression and reflection of their experience and credibility. Products are what you leave behind, and they speak volumes after remodelers have walked off the site, especially if something is wrong.

By Staff August 31, 2005
This article first appeared in the PR September 2005 issue of Pro Remodeler.

∪Creativity doesn't simply extend to remodelers' bump out ability and wall placement strategies. Remodelers' products are an expression and reflection of their experience and credibility. Products are what you leave behind, and they speak volumes after remodelers have walked off the site, especially if something is wrong.

But with turnover times getting faster and faster, homeowners expect the best in a fraction of the time. Products must be not only aesthetic, functional and virtually unbreakable, but also innovatively labor-saving.

Part of pleasing the client means getting out of their home faster, and getting out of their home faster means using products that save the remodeler's manpower. Investments in labor-saving tools and products are a small price to pay when you can walk off a few weeks earlier.

With faster and easier installation, pre-assembled fixtures, multi-tasking tools and energy-saving standards, remodelers can save themselves manpower, energy and their bottom line. Not to mention polishing off their reputation.



The new line of sun tunnels feature an adjustable pitch adapter that allows rigid or flexible tunnels to be installed in a straighter line to the ceiling, resulting in reduced bounce effect of reflected light. The tunnels can be lowered from the roof rather than fished upward from the ceiling. The ceiling ring has pre-assembled components and includes a pre-sealed dual diffuser. An optional silver coating material on the tunnel interior reflects pure white light with no color shifts. Available with an optional light kit in 14" or 22" flexible and 10" or 14" rigid tube models.





The HANDy Paint Pail Pro-Series is designed to hold up to half a gallon of paint, plus brushes and mini-rollers. It features an adjustable strap and a soft, oversized plastic grip. A magnet inside the pail can accommodate up to a 4" brush or the metal handle of a roller, and the built-in grid allows users to wipe off excess paint from rollers. Disposable plastic liners keep the pail clean for multi-colored jobs, and disposable covers keep the paint fresh.





Crestline's CrestWood double-hung windows now have the option of a simulated transom. Created by enlarging the top sash and adding a 3½" profiled rail to the interior and exterior of the glass, the simulated transom allows the window to be fully operational and remain in one frame. It features a PVC exterior with titanium dioxide stabilizers to help preserve the white or almond color. Available in multiple double-hung shapes and sizes, including rectangular, segment, ½ round, ¼ round and gothic configurations.



Owens Corning


Cultured Stone electrical box stones finish wall-mounted fixtures and receptacle plates in style. Designed with pre-formed holes to accommodate standard extension boxes, they feature a universal stone texture that coordinates with all Cultured Stone brick and stone wall veneers, as well as other exterior materials. The light fixture trim pieces are 8"× 10" with a grooved border design; the single receptacle stones are 6"× 8" with raised chamfered edges. Both come in gray or taupe and are installed with mortar.





The Freedom TPO self-adhering roofing system now comes in 10' widths. The new RapidSeam technology eliminates over 95 percent of field seam preparation, the manufacturer says. To install, align membrane, remove release liner and roll in. Factory-applied seam tapes prevent seam contamination prior to installation and assure that the product goes down safely and properly. Colors include energy-efficient white, earthtone and tan.



Floor Heatech


This electric radiant floor heating system uses QuickMat, a weave of protected electrical cable installed and sealed under the floor for even room temperature from floor to ceiling. Mats can be adapted to cover only the open floor space and leaves most of the floor exposed for adhesive. No special tools are required and tiles can be laid directly on the mat. Thermostats allow for independently regulated heating zones.



PAM Fastening Technology


The PAM E-Z Driver accessory attaches to any cordless or corded screwdriver or drill and holds screws while driving them. Its ball-bearing system holds Phillips head and square drive screws and, at less than 6 ounces, allows for one-handed operation. Settings are available for round-headed screws, flush mounting and countersinking control of screws. A rotating ring locks into place and dictates driving depth.





Sheetrock Tuff-Hide primer/surfacer is a latex-based coating that provides a consistent, durable base for paint finishes on walls and ceilings. The high-build spray hides surface defects and minimizes problems such as joint banding and photographing. When used on ceilings, it can be left unpainted for a flat, white finish. Requires minimal mixing, no thinning and dries in 60 to 90 minutes. Can be used in lieu of skim coating and priming.



Pittsburgh Corning


The new Standard Fit Glass Block Shower system offers three kits: pre-fabricated glass block panels, individual units with the ProVantage installation system or individual units with traditional installation. The pre-designed system offers Decora and Icescape glass patterns, and the 60"× 32" shower base is available in eight colors. Choose left or right drain orientation, clear or hammered glass shower doors and gold or silver frames.





Azek now offers three popular millwork profiles — crown moulding, brick mould and drip cap — as ready-to-install products. Each cellular PVC piece is milled individually and can be heated and formed into arches and rounded shapes. Azek does not rot, split, warp, cup or twist and does not require painting, says the manufacturer. The millwork is primed and packaged for easy care and installation.



Screen Tight


Wrap N' Snap column wraps are formed from 8'6" or 10' sheets of cellular PVC. The wraps incorporate three V-grooves and temporary tape backing to allow for forming around corners. A patent-pending self-closure in each outside edge "snaps" the wrap around the column. Cut boards to needed height and apply PVC bonding adhesive to the grooves. When the adhesive sets, remove the temporary tape. No need to paint or stain.





WeatherTrek housewrap with Valéron EVD technology has a 3-D engineered surface that allows for non-directional installation. The crush-resistant surface allows moisture to drain rather than pond along the siding and reduces the potential for mold growth and frame rot. The translucent material makes it easy to find studs, edges and openings. WeatherTrek provides the benefits of a rainscreen with a weather resistive barrier.



Universal Forest Products


Easy Riser is a pre-notched, adjustable, 13-step stair stringer system that easily attaches to standard 2'× 6' lumber, eliminating most of the cutting and layout of traditional methods. Structurally stronger than conventional stairways, the riser has at least 5½" of wood for support at the riser point, which minimizes deflection and reduces shrinkage. Easily adjustable, it can accommodate wider tread or riser measurements and can achieve a stringer length of 15'9" with no vertical bracing or sidewall attachments.





Romex SIMpull is a non-metallic, Type NM-B cable with a jacket that makes it easier to pull through walls, floor joists and around corners, the manufacturer says. The jacket membrane reduces friction, lowers the amount of force required to pull and reduces burn-through when a cable is pulled across another cable. It also resists tears and can withstand being pulled across rafters or through studs.



Simpson Strong-Tie


Simpson's TSB2 is designed to space and brace trusses on center, eliminating the time required to measure the spacing of each truss. The bracer can be used as temporary erection bracing or can be left in place and sheathed over as permanent lateral bracing. Installation requires four 1½" 10d nails and needs no field modification prior to installation.



E-Z Spread N' Lift Industries


The E-Z Lift Cabinet Jack tool is designed to allow one person to install cabinets at any height. Moves easily through doorways and adjusts for cabinet installation over existing counters. The cabinet support table moves front to back and side to side for precise leveling and plumbing of upper cabinets. The tool is completely modular and can be assembled in less than one minute, according to the manufacturer. It can also be used to move heavy base cabinets, up to a 300 pound load.



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