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The sealant strong enough for harsh climates

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The sealant strong enough for harsh climates

June 15, 2015

Using sealants in regions with challenging weather conditions can make an installation process grueling. Just ask Steve Kruse, president of New Home Exteriors, an exterior siding and window installation firm in Northern Illinois, an area known for cold temperatures and precipitation.

“With low temperatures, some sealants may not be as gunnable, or it will harden in the tube,” he says. “Other sealants that are solvent-based have a tendency to bubble in wet conditions when they cure.”

Kruse experienced the latter issue firsthand on his own home, as well as on projects his company completed for friends and family. He knew something had to change to fix the issue.

And it did — after he and his brother, New Home Exteriors field superintendent Randy Kruse, were introduced to OSI QUAD MAX last year, first at an LP BuildSmart Preferred Remodeler Program training event, followed by an OSI Roadshow in the spring of 2014.

“We were using a couple of different brands, and we weren’t happy about that, but when we attended the roadshow we found out why we were having problems,” Randy Kruse explained. “We bought a tube of QUAD MAX, tried it out and saw for ourselves the advantages.”

Among them was the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. But that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using QUAD MAX, the Kruse brothers agreed.

New Home Exteriors installs LP SmartSide Trim & Siding. As the manufacturer’s preferred sealant to be used when installing LP siding, QUAD MAX also color matches all SmartSide products, which allows builders like New Home Exteriors to perfectly customize its siding jobs.

“That’s a huge plus for us,” Randy Kruse notes. “It’s a really big deal.”

When the Kruse brothers added up these advantages, they selected QUAD MAX as their sealant of choice for all their projects.

Now, when they sell windows or siding, New Home Exteriors is able to offer products and services as an entire package, Steve Kruse says.

“We now have a quality sealant that we can sell as a component of our siding and window projects,” he explains. “We can talk about the high-quality sealant in a sales pitch and what that means to homeowner or that builder and show that our company is superior.”


For more information, visit OSITough.com or call 1-800-624-7767.

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