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Sealant of choice for developer's multifamily and single-family projects

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Sealant of choice for developer's multifamily and single-family projects

By Erin Ansley, OSI Sealants Inc. June 12, 2015

First came James Hardie Building Products. Then JELD-WEN followed. Now Polygon Northwest has joined the ranks of major construction firms to partner with OSI and its QUAD MAX sealant.

Up until recently, Polygon, a housing developer in Washington and Oregon, had been using different window and siding sealant products on its single and multi-family projects.

Due to higher specifications in Washington — a state known for having a number of construction litigation cases — the company’s multi-family units featured a higher-end product, while a price-point sealant had been used on its single family homes.

But the time had come for Polygon to consolidate the effort and appoint one sealant for all its projects. Of course, the firm did not make the decision lightly.

After careful analysis, Polygon narrowed its list of contenders down to three options, but sought a fourth before making its final choice. To help with that determination, company officials attended an OSI Roadshow event in the summer of 2014. That’s where they met Max Potts, a field sales rep for OSI in Washington.

Shortly after witnessing OSI QUAD MAX in action, Polygon recruited Potts to conduct a side-by-side comparison of all four sealant finalists.  

“They wanted to know specifically how we stacked up against those other products,” Potts recalled. “I asked what was important to them. They wanted to find something that worked across the board for both types of projects that was priced reasonably but most of all performed excellently because their reputation was on the line.”

OSI accepted the challenge. Potts carried out tests on each product and presented his findings to a board of key Polygon decision makers. During the demonstration, Potts explained the results of his study, highlighting the many differences between the various sealants as described on each product’s tech data sheet.

He then allowed the group to experience a hands-on analysis of all four products, even allowing the participants to gun each one at both hot and cold temperatures so they could see how the products performed.

In the end, OSI QUAD MAX beat its competitors in tensile strength, cure time, plastic tube vs. fiber tube, shelf life, and color availability, Potts explained.

“This coupled with the jobsite performance and great market access made QUAD MAX a clear winner,” he added.

If the data alone wasn’t enough, Potts further proved QUAD MAX’s superiority by outlining its existing partnerships with major brands in the construction industry, including window manufacturer JELD-WEN and fiber cement manufacturer James Hardie.

Today, QUAD MAX is formulated to color match perfectly James Hardie’s ColorPlus, a prefinished colored fiber cement that features a special baked-on formula to ensure a lasting color that holds well in the sun, Potts said. And when used together, they are warranted for 15 years against fading, while QUAD MAX is covered for 15 years against cracking and more.

Meanwhile, JELD-WEN has adopted the QUAD Window & Door Installation System and the warranty that comes with it as the company’s preferred installation method, Potts explained to the board.

The product’s capability in the field, in conjunction with the confidence other companies have placed in OSI, solidified Polygon’s decision.

“A month later, Polygon Homes switched 100 percent of its construction projects to QUAD MAX,” he said. “It really says something about the quality of our product.

For more information, visit OSITough.com or call 1-800-624-7767.

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