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This remodeler creates success by ‘siding’ with homeowners

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This remodeler creates success by ‘siding’ with homeowners

By Tapco Foundry June 29, 2016

Michigan remodeler, Bob Orow, considers himself as much a design consultant and educator as he is a contractor.

“Homeowners rely on a contractor walking in their front door to give them tips and advice on how to make their house look the very best,” says the President of Orow Home Improvement LCC.

A 40-year veteran of the building industry, Orow brings his customers functional, beautiful ideas including various cladding combinations, different siding accessories, and enhanced building techniques.

“It’s all about creating the best look. It’s like a pair of earrings for a woman, or a tie for a guy—you’ve got to make them aware of what their choices are,” he says. “My goal is also to provide them with the best-performing products.”

One of his customers’ favorite products is one that Orow initially had some misconceptions about: Foundry® vinyl cedar siding.

“Foundry is a universal product—whether it’s for a house built in 1850 or one built in 2000,” Orow says. “Every house is a candidate for Foundry Shake— every single house. What matters is how you present it to the homeowner.”

Because the product is lightweight and not as thick as competing vinyl cedar products, he initially didn’t understand its benefits. “Nobody had educated me,” he admits. “And that’s a great misfortune in the homebuilding industry. Not every supply center is up to date on the trade.”  

Manufactured by The Tapco Group®, Foundry uses a proprietary finish for the Weathered Collection to showcase variegated tones in the wood grain, with a darker shade of a color in the deep grooves of the graining and a lighter shade on peaks and higher points.

The authentic texture of the Split Shake profile is achieved using molds cast from real hand-split cedar. Its performance features include Class A fire resistance, Class 4 impact resistance, and 170 mph windload rating.

“When I come in to see the homeowner, I take them on a journey so that once they’re introduced to Foundry, they absolutely love it,” he says.

Often, customers are prone to having an epiphany once they see the installed product up close. “I had one lady who was vehemently telling me ‘I don’t like it, I just really don’t like it.’ So, I sent her to look at one of my jobs,” he says. “Not only did she end up loving Foundry, she ended up talking two other neighbors into going with it, too.”

He typically sells Foundry as a wall texture, like somebody might sell stucco painting or an interior treatment. “This way, a home doesn’t have to be completely focused on an older, weathered-shake look, even though the product is a superior execution of that look,” he says. “There is no automatic time-date with Foundry. You could have a house built for the future. With the versatility and the beauty of Weathered Shake and other Foundry profiles, there’s always a place where you can add style with the textured look.” 

For more information on Foundry Specialty Siding from Tapco, visit www.foundry-siding.com.

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