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Oregon Homeowner Retires Pressure Washer

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Oregon Homeowner Retires Pressure Washer

By NyloBoard October 26, 2015

Sarah Harlan was thinking about a new deck for years, her 50 year old cedar deck required extensive upkeep including sanding and refinishing every two years. Like many homeowners in her area, persistent dry rot plagued her deck. “Because of the weather in Oregon, you can’t stop dry rot,” said Sarah. “My neighbors have mahogany and cedar decks and, like me, they have quite a bit of upkeep. Maintenance can cost $3,000-$4,000/ year.”

For years, Sarah’s husband maintained their deck, but after his passing, she found herself looking for new deck material.

Sarah contacted a few contractors and was recommended several wood and wood plastic composites. She wanted to go with a product that looked beautiful and had minimal upkeep so wood and wood plastic composites wouldn’t suffice. Contractor and owner of Decking Solutions, LLC, Dustin Boleyn, read about NyloDeck in a trade publication and suggested the product to Sarah. After she did some research, Sarah was impressed by its inherent properties and ultimately selected Dustin to complete her project with NyloDeck. Because NyloDeck is made using recycled carpet fiber, it is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, and is able to withstand Oregon’s rainy weather without the risk of dry rot.

 After receiving a few samples, Sarah was convinced that NyloDeck was ideal for her deck. “I really like the natural wood look and color of the product,” said Sarah. The beauty of the product combined with its imperviousness to water, mold, and mildew, and ease of maintenance led Sarah to choose NyloDeck.

Cleaning and Maintaining

After years of use, Sarah was impressed with how easy NyloDeck was to clean. “I sweep my deck often to keep it clean. The surface looks great but, since I have hidden fasteners, debris can get between the boards. If you simply use a water hose between the boards, all debris will be cleared.”

Beyond removing debris, washing the surface is a breeze. You don’t need a pressure washer to keep your deck looking new. Simply using a quality mild general purpose cleaner, such as Simple Green®, a soft bristle brush, and a water hose will get the job done. “I have an L-shaped deck and it was so easy to clean. It was amazing to see the deck before and after it was cleaned. It looked brand new,” said Sarah. “I just love this product.”

Visit our website to view the latest Care and Maintenance Guidelines to keep your deck looking new.

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