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The Empty Chair: Customer Experience Will Differentiate Your Business

With all signs pointing to a softer market, how can remodelers remain strong and different from the rest? Pro Remodeler's Director of Content Erika Mosse shares real examples.

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How To Spruce Up Your Online Presence

If you've never googled yourself or your company, give it a try. Do you like what you see? Will potential clients?

How to Get Images to Display Properly on Social Media

Images are critical to success with social media. But the specs for optimal size and format is not the same for every platform.

Yelp and Your Online Reputation

Yelp lawsuit raises the question: Do online reviewers have the right to remain anonymous?

Manage Your Online Reputation Using This Tracking Tool

A bad rating that goes unnoticed online can do extensive damage. Time to take charge

Marketing: Use Social Media to Outrank Your Bad Reviews

Control what potential customers get to know first about your business

Marketing: When You Should Trust Data More Than Your Instincts

When it comes to marketing, your own observation of audience trends isn’t sufficient without being backed up by data. According to Andrew Hanelly,…

Web Conversions: Get Prospects to Flip the Switch

What's more important than increasing the number of potential clients who visit your website? Increasing the number who answer your calls to action

10 Ways to Use One Piece of Content for Marketing

One marketing concept can be iterated into 10 different things

Online Referral Sites Are the New Must

It’s not enough to just have a presence on Houzz and Porch. You have to do it right

Technology Innovations Remodelers Can Look Forward To

These nifty tools and tech advancements may help you in planning, bidding, and more

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