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Going Digital to Market Your Business

Is your business equipped to market to the digital generation?


Breaking Through the Brand

Three remodeling companies share their motivations, stories, and experiences of redefining their outward identities for the next stage of growth

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HELOCs and the New Tax Law

The IRS has confirmed it: interest on home equity lines of credit is tax deductible, kind of. 

Remodeler Cashes In On Alternative Payments

A Baltimore-based remodeler is trying to take advantage of convenient, mobile payment options

Luxury Spelled ‘Kitchen’

Survey says for a large segment of luxury consumers, buying high-end appliances is better than sex. 

Predictions for 2018

The coming year will bring faster paced, more significant change across multiple areas of the remodeling market 

For Consistent Sales, Try Consistent Presentations

Grow your team by cloning your best salesperson

How To Respond To Bad Reviews

Develop a proactive strategy to counter negative reviews that can result in serious damage to your company’s brand.

Cult of Culture, Company & Personality

How four unrelated companies became distinguished voices in a crowded industry

Pro's Picks: Boomerang

It's free, it's easy, and it can help keep you on schedule even when you're not on schedule. 

Things That Have Never Been

Pro Remodeler is taking on an ambitious project this year, with the goal of benefiting the industry

Know Your Client

Snapshot of a survey that'll help you understand your clients better

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