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CQC Home: Never Just Average

CQC Home's Ken Combs’ journey from lemons to $15 million lemonade

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Can Your Business Survive Another Month Like This?

It's time to reinvent your business. Here's how.

The Human Touch

Employees will lose confidence when there’s an information vacuum

Preconstruction Checklist

Save your team a headache by using this detailed pre-con list with clients before the job starts

Insights Combined

3 reasons to implement personality and skill testing into your hiring process

David Parraguirre, 37

Owner Homeowner Solutions / Columbia, Md. 2019 Revenue: $1.5 million   Training shortage:   I’m from Mexico and came to the U.S. when I was 14. As…

Monica Parsel, 35

Designer & Estimator Winston Brown Remodeling / Topeka, Kan.    Balancing budget:   Clients have endless ability to look for what they like. We…

Matthew Hemenover,  39

Owner Hemenover Construction / Kankakee, Ill. 2019 Revenue: $2.5 million   On being a third-gen owner:   We are going into our 84th year. My father…

Josh Yager, 34

Marketing Director Mad City Windows & Baths / Neenah, Wisc.   Biggest challenge:   Getting qualified individuals. Our solution to that problem…

Lindsay Helmick, 34

Chief Financial Officer Allen Construction / Santa Barbara, Calif.   Transparency:   We’re incredibly transparent. We give everyone specific line…

Drew Marks, 37

Operations Manager & Partner Marks-Woods Construction Services / Alexandria, Va. 2019 Revenue: $5.3 Million   In-house team:   Bringing interior…

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