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CQC Home: Never Just Average

CQC Home's Ken Combs’ journey from lemons to $15 million lemonade

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Understanding the Owner’s Role in a Growing Company

How well you anticipate growth and the changes it brings will determine your success at the next level

Coaching the Millennials on Your Sales Team

More than any generation before them, Millennials appreciate mentors more than “bosses”

4 Self-Imposed Taxes You Should Stop Paying

Did you know there are taxes you may have imposed on yourself that is costing you your business?

Lessons Learned

Here's why you should make sure your company has a great mentoring program

Risk Management: Learning from Mistakes

There’s something remodelers can learn from the medical industry: dealing with mistakes. What do you do once you’ve made a mistake, and how could you…

We Ask the PRIME Advisory Panel: What's the Next Big Thing?

This month’s question to our PRIME advisory panel: What’s the next business milestone or trend? What's the next step in your career?

Productivity: Caffeine is the Silent Killer of Success

Having a daily cup of joe may be helpful for some parts of a remodeler’s job, but it is hurting your performance far more than it’s helping it. Inc.…

Legal: Can General Contractors Make Subcontractors Pay for OSHA Violations?

According to construction Attorney Craig Martin, indemnity provisions in contracts can help general contractors avoid OSHA violation fines for…

8 Secrets of Success in 3 Minutes

Seven years and 500 interviews in three minutes

Customer Service: A Satisfied Customer Is the Best Marketing Tool

Digital Spark Marketing founder Mike Schoultz shares four personal experiences where he received superb customer service. “Think I would talk about…

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